Humans are one of the most ancient races to inhabit the land, and was the most populous until the coming of the Demons wiped two thirds of humanity into extinction. The loss was insurmountable and Humans never fully recovered, despite being victorious in the war against the Demons. Those who survived the war reformed as the Royalties, a new kingdom with shared cultures and lifestyles.


“Let me help you to stand again.”
Belongs to the Holy church inside the castle, the Cleric and her fellow sisters has always been busy tending to the survivors of the ongoing war. She doesn’t falter at the sight of blood and gore, and often thinks about how needless violence is at times.

Still, she owns a brave heart, and does not step back at her duty to heal the fallen on the battlefront. Her mere presence inspires the soldier to head on and fight until they stand victorious.


“You will regret coming here.”
She has been serving the royal families for many years, and her voice carries power through every decision she makes. It would be a surprise for people to discover that she is in fact very shy and preserved. She rather uses her time locking herself in the castle library to research and hone her spells than taking part in social communication.

But once the war raged on and the Court Mage was summoned, she was asked to set her books down and lead the army to their glory. And with no time for consideration, she agreed.


“Winning this war is our only option.”
Everything is a competition with him, that rule applies to his ways of fighting as well. From a young age, his parents had put much pressure and ambitions into their son, and did not tolerant failure. This childhood molded him into a perfectionist, and that reflected upon his attitude to the war as well.

He is dead set on winning the war, and to gain glory for the family name. With his trusty shield, he could block off any attempts to attack, and his spear could puncture through any armor.

Dove Guardian

“Aid me, my children.”
The Royal Council confirmed that this scribe has been staying within the four walls of this castle for a very long time, tending to magical matters and feeding the doves he raised in the gardens. The Guardian looked and acted harmless enough for people to question his position and power in the court, but he paid no mind to it.

The Spirit Doves were his work. By bounding the souls of the fallen birds he used to take care of, they are now in his service. By showing how capable his spiritual companions are, he is nothing less than a one-man-army.


“They won’t even see what’s flying at them!”
A local hunter received a noticed from the castle one day, indicating the need of manpower to support the war. He jumped at the call, not knowing about the danger ahead.

From the first days of training, the Marksman realized the upcoming battle wouldn’t be the same as hunting. He could be both prey and predators, depends on his stance on the battlefield. Yet he remained with the troops, willing to risk his lives for the sake of others.


“We will not be defeated by their hands!”
His life has been easy, being the eldest prince, raised in a pampered environment, but he was not spoiled by luxuries, since he was thoroughly taught about honor and love for his country. He was striving to be the best in many aspects, and his efforts earned him the title Captain of the cavaliers.

He believed in the strength of a powerful army. Since diplomatic means failed to reach a peaceful solution, that only adds up to his pride. He often charges up ahead of the formation, and aim for only the biggest targets - fortified and armed towers of his opponents.


“I won’t stand for unjust bloodshed!”
Born to a poor household and lost his loved ones during a horrific war, the boy was taken in by a kind-hearted knight, who had taken pity on his orphaned status.

He was taught and trained to become a squire under his master’s stead, and proved to have the right skills and heart. Years passed, he have faced many hardships to reach his status as a knight at a young age. He vows to use his sword to smite evil, and to protect those he holds dear to his heart.


“Awf Awf!”
Born into service of the canine troops, the Royal Hound is still quite young and lovable. Unlike his comrades, he spends more time playing fetch with humans more than focusing on his training.

The trainer tried to put him into discipline, yet she couldn’t raise her voice at the young pup. In a way, his friendly nature lift up the grim mood of many people in the army.


“Let’s take a shot at this.”
Through dedicated years of service, a stranger of foreign land such as the Sniper made it into the ranks of the royal troops. Then a massive explode put him out of commission, caused him to lose his right eye.

The Sniper seemed to have lost his hope, but his subordinates refused to give up on him and managed to save his life. Gratefully, he decided to continue fighting. His return on the battlefront stroke fear into his enemies, who thought he was indestructible. Then after the battles are done, he retires and his whereabouts are unknown to this day.


Ethereal projections of the doves - the couriers of message and bringers of peace. They aid in battle for the same purpose.
Doves have been widely used by people to carry letters, from personal love notes to an alarming news from across the borders. Many thought that was a simple task, for a bird to fly from one place to its destination. They didn’t know that many had fallen during their journeys due to the hardships of a long flight.

As their spirits rose from the summon of the Guardian - their new master at the Royal court, these doves were able to spread their wings again. This time, these white birds fly across the battlefield, attacking enemies that threatens what they represent.


With humanity at the brink of defeat, the Demon Overlord proposed an irresistible offer for Humanity to join the dark side. Pleased by their allegiance, the Demons granted immense power and immortality - Vampires were born. When the war concluded, the ancient Vampires sought harmony by sending ambassadors to human settlements to seek amity. They were unfortunately killed despite causing no harm, enraging the Vampires and instigating a long-lasting feud between the races.


“Nobody would dare to ignore me now.”
When his skin hadn’t turned to purple, the plague ravaged through his village. People showed disgust and isolation wherever he went, thinking that he still carried the deadly disease. His only friends were the insects that landed on his body, which are unafraid to approach him.

After coming to the conclusion that mankind would show no kindness to him, he crossed the border to the land of the Undead, and was converted into a vampire. He was then put in charge of a special unit of watchers, those that use the Ticks he’s so familiar to to watch the roads of his new kingdom.


“Let’s have some fun, shall we?”
Belongs to the ancient, royal vampiric bloodline, the girl has lived for thousands of years. By the time another war started again, she was already bored from having nothing to do, and jumped at the chance for some action. Despite being spoiled sweet by her parents, she is quite capable with holding up a gun against invaders.

Sometimes, there are even things she was not given to, but has to earn it rightfully. She has always wanted a Golden rifle, the gun only crafted for the most masterful shooters.


“I will fight for the Great Family!”
Like most other vampires, she was not born one, but converted from a mortal human being. She deserted her old home from an abusive family, and traveled far enough to see the world. By learning from other cultures and races, she learned how to fend for herself and the ways of combat before ending her journey in the land of the Undead.

Surprisingly, rather than being shunned and hated like the stories humans had been telling each other, she found the vampires welcoming and friendly. She decided to remain there, was taken in by the Princess as her friend and protector.


It’s the same kind of bloodsucking fiends, with wings! Now that’s even more terrifying.
Some ticks have been selected and spliced with other insects by the researchers of the Undead army. The experiments took a long time to show any fruition, and when they did, the results were the winged bugs. With increased mobility, they are faster, deadlier, and could support their fellow ground ticks by dealing damage from above.


Gigantic, blood-filled parasites that were raised into an army of dangerous living explosives.
They are born by the hundreds of eggs daily, and was nursed by the blood of their fallen foes. Smaller ones live as companions and ammunition for the Nightwatchers, while bigger ticks was made themselves a soldier. They are short-lived and expendable, as they explode and die by attacking, but are the most devoted and lethal members of the Undead army.


A branch of primitive, ritualistic people that migrated into the forests, leaving the valleys after a conflict of lifestyle differences with the Royalties. They worship elemental deities, living in harmony with nature and refused to be controlled by the monarchy. Tribespeople share everything they have with each other.They are peace-loving, but the abundant forest they live in attracts others to wage war. The Savage Tribes fight to protect what they have.


“What to beat up next?”
The typical tribal, dim-witted boy that wants to make his mother proud. It’s obvious that he is more brawn than brains, but the simple way of thinking helps in battle. When there’s trouble, the Goon is always the ready one to dash out and help.


“I’ll fight to protect the old ways!”
Nature has taught this man many things, one of which was the need to survive in any given circumstances and conditions. He is used to long hunting trips, being weeks away from comfort to track down a worthy prey. He honors the traditional values, for him, things are much more worthwhile to live for.

Aside from hunting, the Huntsman is also in charge of teaching young men of the tribe to become strong and capable. Knowing that the half-witted Goons are his sister’s children, everyone knows he’s trying his best.


“You’re in my aim, prepare to get shot!”
By refusing to be a homemaker like most women do, the young girl was teased by her peers for choosing to be a hunter like other boys.

At home, it took days and nights to craft the perfect weapon, something that only she could master and is suitable with her physique. Her friends and other may laugh at her attempts, but in time, she proved to them that such a tiny slingshot can shoot down even the biggest bird in the sky.


“Time to take your medicine, kids.”
The multi-faced Witch Doctor is eerie in appearance but kind. He speaks in riddles and tells a lot of stories about their ways of life, the history they shared with the “valley-dwellers”, all while concocting both potions and poison when someone calls for his help.

Although children are still afraid of his mask they still treat him with respect. They all know the reason behind the mask, why the man chooses to wear it. A terrible accident with his toxins had disfigured his once gentle face.


“Big Foot Saves Trees!”
When the Tribespeople found him, he was but a hairy baby crying in a clearing of the forest. The tribe took pity and brought him back to raise him until he was strong enough to go back to live in the wild. Then he got too attached to them and didn’t want to go back. With those big, pleading eyes, he succeeded in begging them to stay. He was named Big Foot due to his gigantic feet.

Big Foot helps with heavy work, building houses and gates. A true gentle giant he is, but then he saw the trees being cut down by strange people.


Werewolves are not born. They were once humans who resisted the ruthless reign of the Demon Lord. They instead became cursed, transforming into these nocturnal hunting beasts. Some of the Werewolves are actually highly intelligent, and had been working as mechanics, builders, masons are esteemed scholars before becoming deadly shape-shifters. Using their knowledge, they have developed machinery and technologies no other civilization can master.


“Always tenderize the meat before cooking! The clubs can do just that.”
The cursed ones never rest, so these Werewolves watches their pack and patrols the parts of forest they live in with brute force. When there are rare moments they are released of their beast form, they are just regular humans.

Cursed by the vampires they once provoked, many of them lost their sanity and wisdom of their old life, and succumbed to their ferocious, unhinged violence.


“Once I take aim, you will never get out of here alive.”
How ironic, the Scout used to be a seasoned werewolf hunter, then she became the hunted as she transformed into one. She ventured the barren lands, scouting for the beasts’ movement, but had got into a climbing accident that almost cost her her life, if not for the Werewolves discovering her whereabouts and decided to help.

When she was awake from her slumber, she is no longer the same to normal humans due to the operation the Werewolves did on her. She takes the news surprisingly well and dropped her old profession to be with her new pack.


Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Humm, Humm, Humm…
Back then, it was deemed an immoral crime to experiment on human bodies. As werewolves, there is no such rule. Taking advantages of the leeways, the mechanics used the wounded among their troops to try on the latest technologies.

The result is the Mecha Wolf, fearless in battle and is only out of commissioned when destroyed.


“Left hook, right hook, uppercut! Knockout!”
The Southpaw is unlike others, he is claw-less. His hands are just stubby fingers horrifically ruined by the enemy’s bombs. His pack-mates tried to heal him, but the claws would never grow back.

Then one day, he discovered that the smiths from their pack used large, thick leather gloves to protect their hands. The handicapped wolf asked to have a pair as well, and practiced punching with them day and night. He is the pugilist of the wolf pack,taking down any opponent easy with his gloved hands.


“With our sharp eyes, aiming for weak points is like a child’s play.”
They’ve gone past the fear of sticks and canes, and learned that bolts don’t hurt any worse than common arrows. Fearlessly, they crafted their own versions of the crossbows to hunt down any enemy that tries to run away from their death.